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10 Ways to Market Your Virtual Assistant Business

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

If you’re a Virtual Assistant looking to bring on new clients, in this post I’m sharing 10 ways (and a bunch of great resources) for you on how you can market your business!

Do I recommend doing all 10 of these things at the same time?

Heck no!

Pick one or two that you’d like to try and go ALL IN on those. You want to keep in mind this question: Where is your ideal client hanging out at? That’s where you’ll want to focus your marketing efforts.

Now, let’s jump straight into the info!



1. Find clients in Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are hands down one of my favorite ways to connect with potential new clients. There are soooo many Facebook groups out there geared towards entrepreneurs. I recommend choosing 3-4 groups where your target clients are hanging out and make it a point to participate in those groups each day. For example, if you’re wanting to work with realtors, find FB groups where they are hanging out. If you offer Pinterest services and want to work with moms, join mom entrepreneur groups. The more niched down you can get with the groups you join (if your VA business is niched), the easier it’ll be for you to be of service and showcase your expertise.

A few of my personal favorite facebook groups are: - Virtual Assistant Savvies (lots of #jobopps posted here) - MemberVault Collaborative (so many amazing entrepreneurs here!)

- Goal Digger Podcast Insiders

2. Use Instagram to market to potential clients

If you’re not on the ‘gram, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to connect with potential clients. For a long while I found Instagram to be super overwhelming - I mean, I can only post so many selfies before people get sick of seeing my face, right?! I’ve been diving further into Instagram this past year though so I can learn how to use it authentically, and cannot recommend Mallory Rowan’s Instagram workshop enough - it’s free to watch here and I promise it’ll be worth your time to check it out.

3. Find clients on Pinterest

One of the strategies I’ll be diving into in the coming year for my VA business and my affiliate program work is using Pinterest to find potential clients! This year I got to connect with the lovely Jana Osofsky who is an amazing Pinterest expert. She leads a FREE Masterclass called “5 Secrets for Using Pinterest to Grow Your Audience on Autopilot & Get Clients!” - I can’t recommend her training highly enough for my virtual assistant friends! As Jana says, Pinterest isn’t just about wedding decor and paleo recipes… It can be a great place to connect with potential clients! Check out her free training to learn more.

4. Ask your current clients for referrals (or to give you more work!)

If you already have existing clients that you love, and you have the capacity to do more work for them, ask them if there are other tasks they’d like for you to take on. Chances are there is and what’s great about that, is you don’t have a new client to onboard or have to do any marketing really - you can increase your income by working with a client you already know and love!

If your clients don’t have additional work to hand off to you, you could simply ask them if they know of any entrepreneurs in their network who might be interested in your virtual assistant services. And if they do know of someone, to make an introduction for you! If the client loves your work, I know they’ll be happy to refer you!

5. Offer potential clients a taste of working with you through VIP Implementation Days

As a Virtual Assistant for the past 10+ years, I've always enjoyed working in long term collaborative partnerships with my clients. But in 2017 I found myself wanting to make more money in my business without always having to take on new long term clients...

So I started offering VIP Implementation Days, which is when a client receives 1 Day of VA Support {8 full hours of my time} where I spend my time focused only on completing their tasks or project so we can knock out their mile-long to do list. After the VIP Day, they either become a long-term client or just purchase future VIP days as needed.

VIP Days are a great way for a potential client to get a taste of working with you before they actually commit to a long term partnership with you.

(Learn more about offering VIP Implementation Days as a virtual assistant here.)

6. Start a newsletter

Think you don’t need a newsletter because you can only work with a handful of clients? Think again! A newsletter is a great way to stay connected with people who you network with or who reach out wanting to work with you that way when you have an opening for a new client in your VA business, you can email your list, announce the opening and quickly fill the client spot. :)

This is a highly effective even if you only have a few people on your email list! The key here is to make sure your newsletter is helpful and interesting - you don’t want to be pitching your services in every newsletter, but you do want to make it easy for people to find out how to work with you if they’re interested. (More on this in a future blog post!)

Side note: I highly recommend ActiveCampaign for creating awesome newsletters.

7. Join memberships where your ideal clients are hanging out

I’m in two monthly paid memberships that are a great source of potential clients! One is Brandi Mowles’ Serve Scale Soar membership. Her training is phenomenal, and there are so many potential client inquiries that are posted within the group weekly, that this monthly subscription fee is a no-brainer for me. Plus, the community is top notch!

I am also a member of Female Entrepreneur Association. There are about 4000+ women in this amazing community from all areas of business. Weekly there are posts of women who are looking for a Virtual Assistant in the group.

8. Join IVAA

I’m a member of the International Virtual Assistants Association, and they have a pretty active referral system. Once you become a member (more on that here), you will receive emails each week of people who are looking for VA support. This is a great way for potential client leads to come to you, and the fee for joining is super low! 9. Your personal Facebook page

One often overlooked way of marketing your VA business is simply by posting about it on your personal facebook profile. How many of your friends and family know you even have a VA business? I would encourage you to post about your VA business weekly. You don’t have to be salesy about it… You can just share what you’re up to in your business, what you’re working on that day, why you’re grateful to be a virtual assistant, etc. It helps people start to associate you with the word “virtual assistant” and then when they hear of someone looking for one, you’ll immediately come to mind for them! :)

10. Update your email signature

How does your email signature look? If it doesn’t have a link to your website, you need to get that in there ASAP because that’s a great way to show everyone you are emailing who you are and what you are doing!

In addition to your name, email and website, I also recommend including your job title in your signature that expresses what you do very succinctly. Some examples of what I mean:

  • Virtual Assistant for Online Course Creators

  • Virtual Assistant for Professional Photographers

  • Wedding Professional’s Favorite Virtual Assistant

This is a memorable way for potential clients to know exactly who you support!


Now that I’ve shared 10 ways to market your virtual assistance business, I want to hear from you! Which of the above ways will you try out for marketing Virtual Assistant business? Let me know in the comments below!

*** Please note this blog post contains affiliate links but I only recommend things I know, love or use myself. :)

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