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Are you the CEO of your Virtual Assistant business?

In May, I attended the IVAA Live Summit in San Antonio, Texas… And y’all, it was amazing!

I was so inspired by all of the speakers at the event and left with so many tangible action steps and things I wanted to share with you, my VA community!

So over the next few weeks on The Empowered VA blog, I’ll be sharing about some of the things I learned and ways this info can benefit you as a Virtual Assistant, too!

Today I’m sharing about the lovely Linda McClean of McClean International and her inspiring and informative talk:

BE, The Super Successful CEO of Your Business and Live Your Best Life

Now, here at The Empowered VA, my whole mission is to support other virtual assistants in creating a life and business you love. So Linda’s keynote session was right up my alley!

Here are my 3 biggest takeaways from her talk:

  1. You’re not going to succeed by staying comfortable.

  2. You are the CEO of your Virtual Assistant business. And as the CEO, you are ultimately responsible for making the important decisions.

  3. The best way to get results in your business? Get clear on the results you want… and then get into action!

I also loved how Linda shared that there are 8 facets of our business we need to focus on as the CEO of our business:

  1. Financial

  2. Services/products

  3. Marketing

  4. Team Growth/Development

  5. Sales Systems

  6. Client Retention

  7. Technology and equipment

  8. Office

It’s my new mission to set aside time each quarter to review each of these 8 facets of my business so that I have a very clear business plan to be focusing on.

And I would encourage you to do this, too.

For me, the two facets I really want to focus on now that I am back from the conference are my financials and my office set up.

I want to get more clear on my long term financial goals for my business [and my retirement planning!] So I will really start to do my research on getting support with retirement planning/savings in the coming months.

But why focus on my office?

I know this one might not seem that obvious… But Linda made the great point that our office sets the tone for the efficiency of our work and therefore our business. My current office set up is cute, but not super functional. So I do plan to change that up over the summer.

What is 1 facet of your business you can commit to working on this quarter [event if in a small way]? I’d love to know… Chime in below for some accountability.

And if you aren’t familiar with Linda, you can get to know her and her work over on her website here: I truly loved and was inspired by her talk, and I know you’ll be glad to get to know her work, too!



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