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How to Celebrate Valentine's Day in your VA Business!

Hey Y’all!

Today is Valentine’s Day… A day to celebrate LOVE! And all the red hearts and yummy candy and roses and lovey dovey FB posts have me thinking today…

How can we celebrate Valentine’s Day within our VA businesses?

Since one of the main purposes of the Empowered VA blog is to inspire VAs to create and maintain a business and life they love…

Today I’m sharing 4 ideas for adding more LOVE into your VA business this week!

I hope you’ll check them out and commit to doing one {or all!} of the below:

1. Send your clients a LOVE note!

This can be a thank you card for doing business with you or a $10 Starbucks gift card. Oftentimes we get so busy in our business that we forget to take time to pause and let our clients know just how much we love working with them. So pause this week and make it a point to let them know.

2. Write a social media post about why you LOVE being a VA!

This is actually a really great marketing tool, too. It’s easy to say “Hey, I’m looking for a new client… Here’s my website” BUT in my experience as a VA it’s way more effective to SHOW potential clients you’re connected with on social media WHY you love being a VA.

By sharing what you LOVE to do in post, you’re not only expressing your passion and excitement for your work, but potential clients who might read the post will know exactly what you could be supporting them with {which could possibly lead to new clients for you!}

3. Do more work you LOVE this week {and less work you don’t}!

I love doing all things email marketing and affiliate management related. I don’t love dealing with chasing people up for past due payments {for myself or my clients}. So this week I’m going to commit to helping my clients figure out how to put a system in place for handling past due payments. That’ll free me to up to do more work I really love! I invite you to commit to finding one thing you don’t love doing in your business and figuring out a way to hand that off to someone else to handle for your clients.

4. Create a work environment you LOVE!

Love working at the coffee shop but never seem to make it there? Make plans to go there this week and work from there. Don’t love how your office is looking? Do one thing this week to make your office more beautiful or functional. Create a playlist of music you love and play it in the background while you work. Basically, think about any small thing you can do to make you love your work environment just a smidge more, and commit to doing that this week!

So there you have it… My 4 ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day in your VA business.

I plan to celebrate by doing numbers 2 and 4 above.

Which will you commit to?

Let me know in the comments below!

And if you choose #2… Be sure to use the hashtag #empoweredVA so I can keep an eye out for your posts and send you love!

Happy VAlentine’s Day!



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