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Inspiration for Virtual Assistants from Neil Armstrong

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

For the remainder of November my church is doing a series called “At the Movies”. As part of this sermon series, instead of the preacher preaching, we watch a condensed version of a movie and our preacher interjects throughout the video with biblical teachings. It’s a pretty awesome series and the very first one kicked off this Sunday.

Today I want to share with my Virtual Assistant friends a really encouraging lesson I learned from the first movie we watched that we can apply to our VA businesses.

The movie we watched was “First Man” starring Ryan Gosling (#swoon) as Neil Armstrong. It was about the struggles he went through to become the first man to walk on the moon.

In the movie clips we watched, we saw Neil struggling immensely at work

During his training to prepare for a moon landing, he kept experiencing failure after failure, including mistakes that almost killed him.

During this period of his life, he also lost his young daughter. (I can’t imagine the personal turmoil he was going through because of this).

He wanted to be one of the astronauts that landed on the moon… It was his dream and he worked hard and diligently to pursue this goal.

He also experienced error after error, mistake after mistake, and trial after trial…

Honestly, watching this was hard because he just kept getting knocked down and it would have been totally understandable if he just gave up and aborted his mission.

But Neil Armstrong didn’t stay down. He didn’t give up.

He had a goal: Land on the moon and then return safely back to earth.

And he kept all eyes on that goal as he pursued it.

And we all know how his story ended:

He landed on the moon!

So, what can we take from this story and apply to our own VA business?

Well as VAs, I know first hand it can be easy for us to want to give up when things aren’t going our way.

We might experience business building setbacks such as not being able to find our first client.

We might experience financial setbacks when we have to let go of a client and our income decreases.

We might experience personal setbacks when things are rough at home or in our personal lives and we can’t give growing our businesses our full attention.

But know this:

Whatever you might be going through in your life or business right now, I want you to be encouraged by Neil Armstrong’s story.

If you have a dream and a desire for your VA business, and it hasn’t come to fruition just yet...

Don’t give up.

Don’t abort your mission.

Keep pursuing your dream.

If you are looking for more clients (or your first client), keep networking and putting yourself out there.

If you are experiencing financial setbacks, considering adding an additional revenue stream to your business to bring in more money.

If you’re experiencing personal setbacks, try to dedicate one hour per day to your business where you set aside the life drama (for lack of a better term) and give your business your full attention, even if it’s just for that one hour.

Don’t let these setbacks in your life - whatever they are - derail you from your dreams.

You can create a virtual assistant business you love. I’m living proof of that.

Don’t give up on your dreams… If you keep moving forward, I know you’ll eventually achieve your own goals and dreams!



PS: Want to add an additional income stream to your VA business? Start here.

PSS: If you’re interested in watching this sermon series, you can do that online here:

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