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My 7 Favorite Facebook Groups for Virtual Assistants [Updated - March 2019]

I wrote a blog post last year sharing about my 7 favorite Facebook groups that was pretty popular on my blog. Today I'm sharing an update to that blog because a few of my favorite groups, sadly, have been archived. (I think they get archived because Facebook groups are a LOT of work to run and the creators of those groups decide to focus their time elsewhere.} Happy Reading!


If you're a Virtual Assistant, you NEED to be inside of some amazing Facebook communities.


Because Facebook groups are a great place for us Virtual Assistants to connect with other VAs and with potential clients.

Over the past 10 years of being in business - and on social media - I've always had the easiest time networking and connecting with potential clients inside of Facebook groups!

But in addition to networking, Facebook groups are also a great resource for:

  • Keeping up to date with trends in the online space

  • Networking with your fellow VAs who can serve as referral sources

  • Tech support and learning deeper about specific software's I work with

So to help other Virtual Assistants who need help finding amazing Facebook groups that will benefit their businesses in many ways, today I'm sharing my 7 favorite Facebook groups that I participant in and why I think other Virtual Assistants should join them... I hope you will find this list helpful!

My 7 Favorite Facebook Groups for Virtual Assistants


MemberVault is my favorite content platform {free trial here through my affiliate link!}.  What I love about their Facebook group is that the creators of MemberVault are HIGHLY engaged there.  And if you have *any* questions about the platform or the best ways to use it for your business, they are usually the first to answer you with a solution or alternative.  I cannot recommend MemberVault highly enough, and their facebook group just makes me love the platform even more! Here’s the link to join MemberVault: -

Cocktails & Contracts

This is a facebook group run by Sarah Kornblet over at Destination Legal. Sarah’s group is a great resource as a VA because she shares legal education that we and our clients {especially if they are coaches} can benefit from.  She regularly posts content on everything from trademarks to client contracts to terms of service. Here’s the link to her group:

Ontraport User Community

I use Ontraport daily with my clients and even did their certification course back in 2016.  What I love about their Facebook community is that if I have technical questions or want to know how others are using Ontraport for specific uses, I can go to the group and makes posts.  If you’re not using Ontraport with clients, you might not find it that interesting, but I invite you to think of what softwares you are using and you can search out if they have Facebook groups {such as Active Campaign, InfusionSoft, ConvertKit, etc!).  Here’s Ontraport’s Facebook group if you want to check it out:

Goal Digger Podcast Insiders

The Goal Digger Podcast is one of my favorite podcasts and I absolutely love Jenna Kutcher’s Facebook group.  If you’re a VA, I highly recommend joining because I see weekly people asking for recommendations for VAs with various skill sets. If creatives are your niche, you will really like this facebook group!  Here’s the link to join:

Profit Planning Entrepreneurs

Haley Burkhead’s Profit Planner Entrepreneurs group is her free community for entrepreneurs to connect, learn and share with one another.  {I'm a paid member of her Profit Planner Lounge community and so much good info happens there, too!}.  I love, love, love the amazing people in Haley’s community and am learning a lot just from lurking and reading inside the group full of mostly women entrepreneurs who are committed to success and making things happen in an actionable and profitable way. I also love how super real Haley keeps it by sharing behind-the-scenes looks into her own entrepreneurial journey.  Here's the link to join:

Instagram Marketing Mastermind

I have been on a huge Instagram kick lately {follow me here!} and Alex Tooby has *the best* IG info out there... Her 7 day free course is amazing for those of us just getting into Instagram and her Facebook group is also a great source of information for all things 'gram related. You can join her group here:

Virtual Assistant Savvies

I love everything Abbey with The Virtual Savvy is doing to help women {and men!} start Virtual Assistant businesses. Her Facebook community is huge and also really active. This is one group I visit daily to connect with other VAs, share info and ask questions. Abbey herself is a wealth of knowledge and shares in there often, and there are also people posting VA job opportunities in there daily. Here's the link to join:

Comment below and let me know which groups you decide to join!



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