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Sharing a Recap of My 2019!

Happy Last Day of 2019!

Sometimes when I get to the end of the year, I think to myself “Ahh, I wish this year would have gone better.”

Well, not this year.

Because 2019 was an amazing year for my Virtual Assistance business!

Today I want to share a behind-the-scenes recap of some of my best and scariest moments, what blogs were popular and how I invested in my biz.

I hope you’ll read through and be encouraged and inspired for what’s possible in your own business!


Most Exciting Moment:

I have two, actually!

1 - I celebrated 11 years in business in August. 11 YEARS! I’m so grateful to have made it this far in my business and am extremely grateful to each of my clients who trust me as their VA!

2 - I went to Canada to work with a client in person, which was also my first trip outside the US! My lovely clients Adam and Bay held an event in Victoria, BC, Canada and flew me out to support them in person which was so much fun. It was such an amazing event, and I’m excited to go back this coming May to support them again!

Scariest Moment:

In June, I stopped working with a client who accounted for almost 60% of my monthly income. Talk about SCARY! When I started working with this client a few years ago, I started off on a smaller number of hours and as time went on, we increased the retainer each month and eventually they were my biggest client and I was making four figures a month just from them alone. So when we decided to part ways in June (on the best of terms - they were bringing on someone full time who was a wayyyy better fit for what the role had evolved into) I was nervous about needing to replace that income quickly.

What I didn’t know in June was that not working with them anymore was going to be the biggest blessing my business had experienced in a long time! While this former client and her team are really lovely people doing amazing work in the world, I just wasn’t a great fit for them team. And it wasn’t until after I wasn’t working with them anymore that I realized how insanely stressed I was being a part of their company… When I wasn’t experiencing that daily stress, I was able to bring on new clients quite quickly and I am ending the year in a way better position than I started it.

(A note of encouragement for my VA friends who might be working with stressful clients: It’s not worth it. Drop them ASAP and find you more ideal clients. Your health is more important than moo-lah and the client deserves a VA who can do their work without the stress, too!)

My most popular blog posts from the year:

How I Invested in my Business

In May, I went to the IVAA Conference in San Antonio - it was such an amazing event and I got to connect with some other amazing VAs who I didn’t know previously. (If you’re a VA and not a member of IVAA, go here to join. It’s a really great community.)

I also joined two programs that I really love being a member of:

Serve Scale Soar - this is a program teaching you how to scale a service based business. I also love that they post a lot of great potential client opportunities inside the group. (In 2020 I am also going to the Serve Scale Soar Retreat, which I am mega-excited about!)

The Passive Project - this is a program I joined to learn how to grow my Create Your Affiliate Program offerings in a more passive way. I love Gemma (and her podcast!)

I also invested in a blog disclaimer from The Contract Shop so my blog is in tip top shape. (If you’re wanting to get your website and business legal in 2020, check them out through my affiliate link here.)


I hope by sharing the above misc. Updates, that you feel a little inspired as we go into 2020… Take some time out to recap your own year so you can see how far you’ve come and be proud of what you’ve accomplished!

Wishing you an amazing 2020! Share in the comments below what one of your favorite moments from 2019 was!



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