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Top Tips + Must-Have Features for your Virtual Assistant Website

Hey Y’all!

In my last blog post I shared about being the CEO of your VA business

Today I want to talk about your website for your VA business!

At the #IVAA Live Summit I attended in May, Kathy Colaiacova with Pepper It Marketing did an amazing session on how to have an amazing website for your VA business.

So today I’m diving back into my notes from Kathy’s amazing session and sharing my top takeaways from her presentation with my fellow VAs!

Very Important Website Tips:

  • The main goal of your website needs to be building credibility and trust.

  • Your website needs to speak to your ideal client.

  • You need to have testimonials on your website.

  • Make your content about your visitor.

  • Make sure *you* own the domain and hosting.

  • Make sure the mobile version of your website looks nice, too!

5 things you need to let visitors to your website know:

  1. Who you are

  2. How you help people

  3. What you do to help people

  4. Why you are the one to help people

  5. How they can contact you

Basic website pages needed:

  • Home

  • About

  • Testimonials

  • Services

  • Contact

  • Blog

  • BONUS Page: Lead magnet/email list builder

One of my favorite questions raised in Kathy’s presentation was this:

Should you put your rates on your VA website?

And the answer is… It’s totally up to you! :)

On one hand it’s good to have them on there, because it weeds out people who are just shopping by price and not value.

But by excluding your fee from your website, you get the opportunity to invite people to schedule a call with you where you can share value with them and then share your fee. The idea is that they will be so happy with the value shared that your fee won’t be an issue.

Personally, I’ve never listed my monthly retainer fee on my website and only once have I ever had someone tell me that my fee was too high [and she ended up booking a VIP Implemetation Day with me anyways!] So, my suggestion is to not put your fee on your website, but again, it’s totally up to you!

I hope the above tips I learned from Kathy’s session are super helpful to you. You can visit Kathy’s website here and be sure to follow her on Instagram here.

And comment below and let me know what changes you're making to your website based on the advice above!!



Recommended Resources:

  • Have you checked out The Empowered VA Resource Hub yet? I've created this resource hub to help my fellow Virtual Assistants {that's YOU!} create a VA business and life you truly love! It’s got my favorite download, The Profitable VA Workbook in there. With this free workbook, you'll brainstorm ways to not only *keep* more money in your VA business, but discover new ways you can add additional income to your business too. Go here to check it out.

  • On a personal note, I love the folks over at WalletWin and they are doing a free workshop soon called "How to Never Worry About Money Again". You'll want to check this out if you're ready to get out of debt, not let money worries eat you up, and are interested in learning how to ceate near-instant financial momentum by saving $1,000 FAST. Here's my affiliate link to sign up for this free workshop.

Recommended Podcast:

  • I love Amy Porterfield’s Marketing Made Easy Podcast, and just this past week I listened to her episode #268: LinkedIn Tips and Tricks to Attract a Bigger Audience with Viveka von Rosen. If you use LinkedIn for your VA business or use it with your clients, definitely give this episode a listen… SO MUCH VALUE was shared and I was able to implement a lot of the tips shared in it on my profile that same day!

Let’s Connect:

  • Are we connected on Instagram? If not, go here to follow me (@theempoweredVA) and then shoot me a DM so I can be sure to follow you, too!

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